Copenhagen, Denmark
27 April – 1 May 2013

Gefion Fountain


Abstracts & Posters



Poster Presentation

Poster numbers have now been allocated and can be identified here (pdf).  This number will be used on the poster boards and in the abstract book and is DIFFERENT TO YOUR CONTROL ID.

The congress will take place from 27 April 2013 to 1 May 2013 at the Bella Centre, Copenhagen.  Posters will be displayed in Hall A1 on the ground level next to the main hall.   The poster walls will be clearly marked with the poster numbers. 
The format/size of the posters should be in portrait format and cannot exceed 120 cm (height) x 90 cm (width).  The mounting of the posters is possible from 17:00 on 27 April 2013.  The posters must be on display by 10:00 on 28 April 2013.  All posters must be dismantled before 14:30 on 1 May.  Unfortunately, any posters that have not been removed cannot be kept or forwarded to the owner.

To be of value, your poster should not be too cluttered.  It should be set out in a clear and logical manner, with reading matter reduced to an essential minimum.  Lettering, including figure legends, labeling, symbols & graphs etc, should be large enough to be legible at 140cm. Ordinary type-face is NOT adequate.  Photographs should be matt, not glossy.  FIXING / MOUNTING MATERIAL WILL BE SUPPLIED.

Dedicated poster receptions will take place between 13:00 – 14:00 on Sunday 28, Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 April. While your posters must be displayed for the duration of the congress, you are required to attend the dedicated poster session on a specific day to give a short presentation of your work if asked and answer questions on the following day:


Sunday 28 April

Monday 29 April

Tuesday 30 April

Adrenal cortex (to include Cushing’s)

P1 – P21

P22 – P42

PP43 – P64

Adrenal medulla


P 65 – P69


Bone & Osteoporosis

P70 – P85

P86 – P100

P101 – P110

Calcium & Vitamin D metabolism

P111 – P132

P132 - 153

P154 - P171.1

Cardiovascular Endocrinology and Lipid Metabolism

P172 – P185

P186 – P199

P200 - P212

Clinical case reports - Pituitary/Adrenal

P213 – P231

P232 - 255

P256 - P269

Clinical case reports - Thyroid/Others

P270 – P290

P291 - 312

P313 - P331

Developmental endocrinology

P332 – P345



Diabetes (all categories)

P346 – P396

P397 - P447

P448 - P496

Endocrine Disruptors



P497 - P507

Endocrine tumours and neoplasia

P508 – P529

P530 – P551

P552 - P573

Female Reproduction

P574 – P589

P590 – P605

P606 - P620

Growth hormone IGF axis - basic


P621 – P636


Male Reproduction

P637 – P647

P648 – P659

P660 - P677


P678 – P690

P691 – P703

P704 - P718.1

Nuclear receptors and Signal transduction



P719 - P725


P726 – P747

P748 – P769

P770 - P790

Paediatric endocrinology

P791 – P802

P803 – P814

P815 - P822

Pituitary - Basic

P823 – P839



Pituitary – Clinical

P840 – P881

P882 – P923

P924 - P967

Steroid metabolism + action


P968 – P976


Thyroid (non-cancer)

P977 – P1007

P1008 - 1038

P1039 - P1076

Thyroid cancer

P1077 - P1097

P1098 – P1118

P1119 - P1140

All posters nominated for an ESE Poster Prize by the Programme Organising Committee will be judged as part of the attended poster sessions, so please make sure you attend to ensure you are present for the judges.  Judging will take place during the attended poster sessions and the prizes will be awarded during the awards session at 17:25 on Tuesday 30 April 2013 in the Main Hall. 

Please register for the meeting at:

Please note: If you do not register in advance of the meeting your abstract will be withdrawn.

Poster Printing

To save you printing and carrying your posters for the for the 15th European Congress of Endocrinology- ECE 2013 we recommend the Marathon Call4Posters® service.

We are sure that you will find it a convenient and simple way to produce a professional poster.
Our dedicated poster printing partners also have the following message for you:

Congratulations on being selected to present your poster at the 15th European Congress on Endocrinology in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The European Society Endocrinology has selected Call4Posters® as their preferred poster printing partner in 2013. This service is the simple and most convenient way to create your poster online, have it printed and shipped to your choice of address or pick it up on-site at the meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark.  More information on how to access  the website will be send to you after Wednesday 27 March.

Oral Communication Presentation

Please visit the ‘Information for speakers’ page.


This year an e-poster site will be available to upload posters as pdf so your abstract is available electronically both during and following the meeting. Further details will be available in due course on the congress website.


  • All accepted abstracts will be published online in Endocrine Abstracts. During the submission process, you were asked to acknowledge that in submitting your abstract to the congress, you will assign copyright for its publication in Endocrine Abstracts, in all of its formats, to BioScientifica Ltd    


If you have any queries about the submission process or you wish to withdraw an abstract please contact the conference secretariat.