Copenhagen, Denmark
27 April – 1 May 2013

Scientific Programme



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27 April 2013
12:00 20:00  Registration
15:00 17:00  Sandoz Satellite Symposium - Latest insights in endocrine disease therapy
Auditorium 15
Chairs: G. Stalla (Germany) & V. Popovic (Serbia)
15:10From Osteopenia to Osteoporosis
L Hofbauer (Germany)
15:35Benign nontoxic nodular goiter
L Hegedüs (Denmark)
16:00From Obesity to Type II Diabetes
F Giorgino (Italy)
16:25Pituitary Insufficiency
T Brue (France)
17:30 19:30  ECE 2013 Opening Ceremony
Main Hall
Chair: P Bouchard (France) ESE President
17:30Welcome to Copenhagen & ECE 2013
J Castano (Spain) & J Christiansen (Denmark)
17:55 18:40  Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture
Main Hall
Chairs: P. Bouchard (France) & J. Castano (Spain)
17:55GH1Cross-talk and chatter in reproductive neuroendocrinology
I Clarke (Australia)
18:45 19:30  European Journal of Endocrinology Prize Lecture
Main Hall
Chair: Hans Romijn - Editor-in-Chief of EJE (The Netherlands)
18:45EJE1Regulation of Aldosterone secretion - from physiology to disease
F Beuschlein (Germany)
28 April 2013
07:00 20:00  Registration
08:30 09:15  Plenary Lecture 1
Main Hall
Chair: I Huhtaniemi (UK)
08:30PL1Nutient-sensing pathways in ageing
L Partridge (UK)
09:15 09:30  Presidential Address
Main Hall
P. Bouchard (France)
09:35 11:05  Symposium 1: Metabolic surgery
Main Hall
Chairs: H Toplak (Austria) & J Salvador (Spain)
S1.1New insights in obesity pathophysiology of metabolic surgery
G Fruhbeck (Spain)
S1.2Metabolic insights from cutting the gut
H Cardoso (Portugal)
09:35 11:05  Symposium 2: Cushing's Disease with negative pituitary imaging
Auditorium 15
Chairs: J O Jørgensen (Denmark) & V Popovic (Serbia)
09:35S2.1Imaging and petrosal sinus sampling in Cushing’s disease
ML Vance (USA)
10:05S2.2Surgical approach to corticotroph adenomas poorly visible at preoperative imaging
M Buchfelder (Germany)
10:35S2.3Medical approach to Cushing's Disease: results of a French multicentre study
F Castinetti (France)
09:35 11:05  Symposium 3: Female reproduction
Auditorium 10/11
Chairs: I Clarke (Australia) & S Franks (UK)
09:35S3.1FOXL2 at the crossroads of ovarian physiology and pathology
R Veitia (France)
10:05S3.2NR5A1/SF-1 in gonadal development
C Flück (Switzerland)
10:35S3.3Progestin action in the brain
M Schumacher (France)
09:35 11:05  Symposium 4: New advances in GPCRs in endocrinology
Auditorium 12
Chairs: MC Zatelli (Italy) & L Hunyady (Hungary)
09:35S4.1Integrated Approaches to Understand the Physiological Actions of Dopamine Receptors
M Caron (USA)
10:05S4.2Biased agonism of the AT1 receptor - Perspectives in drug discovery?
JL Hansen (Denmark)
10:35S4.3G protein-coupled receptor heteromers as new targets for drug development
R Franco (Spain)
11:05 11:25  Coffee, Posters & Exhibition
11:25 12:10  Debate 1: Vitamin D - we all need more
FOR: C Mathieu (Belgium); AGAINST: M Cooper (UK)
Main Hall
Chair: J Bollerslev (Norway)
11:25 12:10  Meet the Expert 1 - What systems biology can do for endocrine research
11:25MTE1What systems biology can do for endocrine research
M Oresic (Finland)
11:25 12:10  Meet the Expert 2 - Adult GH Deficiency replacement
Auditorium 10/11
11:25MTE2Adult GH Deficiency replacement
C Strasburger (Germany)
11:25 12:10  Meet the Expert 3 - Insulin treatment in T2 Diabetes: When, Who and How?
Auditorium 12
11:25MTE3Insulin treatment in T2 Diabetes: When, Who and How?
I Satman (Turkey)
11:25 12:10  Meet the Expert 4 - Hyponatraemia: Clinical Management
Auditorium 15
11:25MTE4Hyponatraemia: Clinical Management
I Runkle (Spain)
12:15 13:00  Lunch & Exhibition
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 5 - Current guidelines for the classification of NETs
Main Hall
12:15MTE5Current guidelines for the classification of NETs
G Rindi (Italy)
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 6 - New immunotherapy approaches for Graves’ orbitopathy
Auditorium 10/11
12:15MTE6New immunotherapy approaches for Graves’ orbitopathy
M Salvi (Italy)
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 7 - Primary Osteoporosis: How long to treat
Auditorium 12
12:15MTE7Primary Osteoporosis: How long to treat
K Brixen (Denmark)
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 8 - Vitamin D & Calcium
Auditorium 15
12:15MTE8Vitamin D & Calcium
P Lakatos (Hungary)
12:15 13:00  ESE President meets ESE Affiliated Society Presidents
(Invitation Only)
Room 20
13:00 14:00  Attended Poster Presentations
14:00 15:30  Symposium 5: A guide through the labyrinth of neuroendocrine tumours
Auditorium 10/11
Chairs: U Knigge (Denmark) & A Scarpa (Italy)
14:00S5.1Tumour biology and classification of NET
A Scarpa (Italy)
14:30S5.2Positron emission tomography as a diagnostic tool
A Sundin (Sweden)
15:00S5.3New targeted treatments in NETs
B Wiedenmann (Germany)
14:00 15:30  Symposium 6: What's new in type 2 diabetes?
Main Hall
Chairs: D Micic (Serbia) & R Kineman (USA)
14:00S6.1Genetic determinant of diabetes
T Hansen (Denmark)
14:30S6.2Insulin resistance and adipose tissue
U Smith (Sweden)
15:00S6.3Mechanisms of beta-cell failure
M Cnop (Belgium)
14:00 15:30  Symposium 7: Translational aspects from comparative to clinical endocrinology
Auditorium 12
Chairs: I Huhtaniemi (UK) & C Diéguez (Spain)
14:00S7.1Brain aromatase and endocrine disruptors in zebrafish: from basic to applied research
O Kah (France)
14:30S7.2Origin and evolution of nuclear hormone receptors
V Laudet (France)
15:00S7.3Peptide hormones and receptors - why so many?
D Larhammar (Sweden)
14:00 15:30  Symposium 8: Action of glucocorticoids on bone
Auditorium 15
Chairs: B Langdahal (Denmark) & M Korbonits (UK)
14:00S8.1Glucocorticoid action on the skeleton (pre-clinical)
J Tuckermann (Germany)
14:30S8.2Selective glucocorticoid receptor modulators
L Hofbauer (Germany)
15:00S8.3Management of glucocorticoid induced bone disease
J Compston (UK)
15:30 16:00  Coffee, Posters & Exhibition
16:00 17:30  Symposium 9: New data treatment of hyperglycemia
Main Hall
Chairs: I Satman (Turkey) & F Knop (Denmark)
16:00S9.1GLP-1 analogues
R Ritzel (Germany)
16:30S9.2Early insulin treatment in type 2 diabetes
P Nilsson (Sweden)
17:00S9.3Ultra long acting insulins
S Heller (UK)
16:00 17:30  Symposium 10: Salt-water balance
Auditorium 15
Chairs: C Höybye (Sweden) & M Reincke (Germany)
16:00S10.1Genetic aspects of water balance
J Hvarregaard Christensen (Denmark)
16:30S10.2Clinical aspects of diabetes insipidus and hyponatremia
G Robertson (USA)
17:00S10.3Antidiuresis: Insights into the molecular regulation
R. A. Fenton (Denmark)
16:00 17:30  Symposium 11: New mechanisms in SST analogue response
Auditorium 10/11
Chairs: L Hofland (Netherlands) & P Laurberg (Denmark)
16:00S11.1Functional relevance of truncated SST5 receptors
R Luque (Spain)
16:30S11.2Role of Filamin A in dopamine and somatostatin receptor targetting in the pituitary
E Peverelli (Italy)
17:00S11.3Role of ERK pathway in SST signalling
A Barlier (France)
16:00 17:30  Symposium 12: Male reproductive endocrinology
Auditorium 12
Chairs: A Juul (Denmark) & J Gromoll (Germany)
16:00S12.1Semaphorin 3A:  a new gene in Kallmann syndrome
J Young (France)
16:30S12.2Signal transduction in spermatogenesis
Z Naor (Israel)
17:00S12.3Small RNAs in spermatogenesis
N Kotaja (Finland)
17:35 18:20  Plenary Lecture 2
Main Hall
Chair: K Öberg (Sweden)
17:35PL2NET Management
L Bodei (Italy)
18:30 20:00  Novartis Satellite Symposium - Focusing on pituitary tumors - a clinical update
Main Hall
18:30 20:00  Viropharma Satellite Symposium - A new paradigm in the treatment of patients with adrenal insufficiency
Auditorium 15
Chairs: E Husebye (Norway) & U Feldt-Rasmussen (Denmark)
18:40Current challenges in the management of AI: A patient’s perspective
A Grossman (UK)
19:00Cortisol: the association between circadian rhythm and cardiometabolic risk
E van Cauter (USA)
19:20Why use a dual-release preparation to manage your patients with AI – the evidence
A Nilsson (Sweden)
19:40Interactive case discussions
M Quinkler (Germany)
18:30 20:00  Otsuka Satellite Symposium - ‘Treating hyponatraemia secondary to SIADH; patient case studies, step-by-step processes and clinical outcomes’
Auditorium 10
18:30 20:00  Novo Nordisk Satellite Symposium
Auditorium 12
29 April 2013
07:00 20:00  Registration
07:30 08:30  Bayer Schering Satellite Symposium
Auditorium 15
08:30 09:15  Plenary Lecture 3
Main Hall
Chair: P Beck-Peccoz (Italy)
08:30PL3Changing character of thyroid cancer
M Alevizaki (Greece)
09:20 10:50  Oral Communications 1: Pituitary & Molecular Endocrinology
Auditorium 10/11
Chairs: L Hunyady (Hungary) & T Brue (France)
09:20OC1.1The consequences of changing endogenous GH/IGF-I levels on carcinogen-induced mammary gland tumorigenesis are dependent on metabolic status in mice
M. Gahete (Spain)
09:35OC1.2Involvement of the constitutive activity of the GHS-R1a (ghrelin G-protein coupled receptor) in the tumorigenesis of somatotroph adenomas
Presenter: Y. L. Mear (France)
09:50OC1.3Heterodimerisation of FSH and LH receptors positively modulates the LH-induced signalling profile
Presenter: S. Chen (UK)
10:05OC1.4BKM120, a pure PI3K inhibitor: a promising treatment for aggressive pituitary tumors or pituitary carcinomas.
Presenter: G. Raverot (France)
10:20OC1.5Differential effect of octreotide treatment on expression of sstr2a, 3 and 5 in somatotroph adenomas
Presenter: A. Heck (Norway)
10:35OC1.6Management of Euvolemic Hyponatremia Attributed to SIADH in the Hospital: Interim Results from a Prospective, Observational, Multi-Center, Global Registry
Presenter:A. Peri (Italy)
09:20 10:50  Oral Communications 2: Bone & Calcium
Auditorium 12
Chairs: A Spada (Italy) & AJ van der Lely (Netherlands)
09:20OC2.1Bone mass accrual following supplmentation of vitamin D alone versus vitamin D + calcium in underprivileged Indian prememarcheal girls
Presenter: S. K. Kota (India)
09:35OC2.2Influence of vitamin D and calcium on reproductive hormones: a study in a VDR-ablated male mouse model and 300 healthy men
Presenter: M. Blomberg-Jensen (Denmark)
09:50OC2.3Screening for GNAS genetic and epigenetic alterations in Progressive Osseous Heteroplasia: first Italian series
Presenter: F. M. Elli (Italy)
10:05OC2.4Natural course of changes in bone mineral density after orthotopic liver transplantation: up to 5 years follow-up in a single Centre
Presenter: C. Krol (The Netherlands)
10:20OC2.5Genetic analysis of CDKN1B gene in Familial Primary Hyperparathyroidism
Presenter: E. Pardi (Italy)
10:35OC2.6Hypomineralized teeth as biomarkers of exposure to Endocrine Disruptors
Presenter: S. Babajko (France)
09:20 10:50  Oral Communications 3: Thyroid
Auditorium 15
Chairs: S Gullu (Turkey) & I Lazúrová (Slovakia)
09:20OC3.1Targeting of PATZ1 by miR-29b is a downstream effect of oncogenic Ras signalling in thyroid cells
M Vitiello (Italy)
09:35OC3.2Mitochondrial mass and function is regulated by PI3K signaling in thyroid cancer cells
Presenter: K.A. Iwen (Germany)
09:50OC3.3SP600125, a new p53 selective anticancer drug: effects on poorly differentiated thyroid cancers.
Presenter: E.S. Grassi (Italy)
10:05OC3.4DNA methylation signatures identify biologically distinct thyroid cancer subtypes
Presenter: J. L. Fernandez-Morera (Spain)
10:20OC3.5Role of the calcium-calmodulin dependent kinase 2 in medullary thyroid carcinoma
M. Vitiello (Italy)
10:35OC3.6Subclinical hyperthyroidism and risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality
Presenter: C. Selmar (Denmark)
10:50 11:15  Coffee, Posters & Exhibition
11:15 12:00  Meet the Expert 1 - Repeated
Meeting Room 18
11:15MTE1What systems biology can do for endocrine research
M Oresic (Finland)
11:15 12:00  Meet the Expert 2 - Repeated
Auditorium 10/11
11:15MTE2Adult GH Deficiency replacement
C Strasburger (Germany)
11:15 12:00  Meet the Expert 3 - Repeated
Auditorium 12
11:15MTE3Insulin treatment in T2 Diabetes: When, Who and How?
I Satman (Turkey)
11:15 12:00  Meet the Expert 4 - Repeated
Auditorium 15
11:15MTE4Hyponatraemia: Clinical Management
I Runkle (Spain)
12:15 13:00  Lunch & Exhibition
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 5 - Repeated
Main Hall
12:15MTE5Current guidelines for the classification of NETs
G Rindi (Italy)
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 6 - Repeated
Auditorium 10/11
12:15MTE6New immunotherapy approaches for Graves’ orbitopathy
M Salvi (Italy)
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 7 - Repeated
Auditorium 12
12:15MTE7Primary Osteoporosis: How long to treat
K Brixen (Denmark)
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 8 - Repeated
Auditorium 15
12:15MTE8Vitamin D & Calcium
P Lakatos (Hungary)
12:15 13:00  ESE President meets ESE New Members
(invitation only)
Room 20
13:00 14:00  Attended Poster Presentations
14:00 15:30  Symposium 13: Hormonal treatment in transition of patients with rare diseases
Generously supported by the European Journal of Endocrinology (EJE)
Auditorium 15
Chairs: J Dahlgren (Sweden) & C Fajardo (Spain)
14:00S13.1Prader Willi syndrome
C Hoybye (Sweden)
14:30S13.2Turner syndrome
C Gravholt (Denmark)
15:00S13.3Klinefelter syndrome
J de Schepper (Belgium)
14:00 15:30  Symposium 14: Clinical care of the pheochromocytoma patient
Main Hall
Chairs: V Pirags (Latvia) & V Hana (Czech Republic)
Blank Abstract
14:00S14.1Biochemical diagnosis
H Timmers (Netherlands)
K Pacak (USA)
15:00S14.3Treatment of malignant pheochromocytoma
E Baudin (France)
14:00 15:30  Symposium 15: The Frail Male
Auditorium 12
Chairs: J Bollerslev (Norway) & M Simoni (Italy)
14:00S15.1Sarcopenia in men
M Giannoulis (Greece)
14:30S15.2Male osteoporosis
R Eastell (UK)
15:00S15.3Cognitive decline in male ageing
J Starr (UK)
14:00 15:30  Symposium 16: Oncogenic signals in thyroid cancer - therapeutic prospects
Auditorium 10/11
Chairs: B Nygaard (Denmark) & E degli Uberti (Italy)
14:00S16.1Addressing BRAF activation in differentiated thyroid cancer for therapeutic intervention
M McMahon (USA)
14:30S16.2Generating relevant human thyroid cultures. Physiopathological and therapeutic implications
C Alvarez (Spain)
15:00S16.3Oncogenic activation in thyroid cancer and response to radioiodine
JC Ricarte-Filho (USA)
14:00 15:30  Meet the Nurse Expert
Meeting Room 18
Chairs: J Christiansen (Denmark) & A Marland (UK) & W Gilvoet (Netherlands)
14:00EN1.1Pre- and post-operative care of the patient undergoing pituitary surgery
H DeVroom (USA)
14:25EN1.2Pituitary dynamic testing
N van der Meij (Netherlands)
14:50EN1.3Growth Hormone replacement in children
B Lidwall (Sweden)
15:10EN1.4Growth Hormone replacement in adults
S Llahana (UK)
15:30 16:00  Coffee, Posters & Exhibition
16:00 17:30  Symposium 17: Medical treatment of endocrine malignancies - an update
Main Hall
Chairs: D Kastelan (Croatia) & P Løgstrup Poulsen (Denmark)
16:00S17.1Pituitary carcinoma
A Grossman (UK)
16:30S17.2Adrenal carcinoma
J Bertherat (France)
17:00S17.3Thyroid carcinoma
J Smit (Netherlands)
16:00 17:30  Symposium 18: PCOS
Auditorium 15
Chairs: D Glintborg (Denmark) & S Franks (UK)
16:00S18.1Environmental impact on the PCOS phenotype
G Conway (UK)
16:30S18.2PCOS in adolescence: towards a therapy targeting adipose tissue
L Ibanez (Spain)
17:00S18.3The diagnose of PCOS in adults: new biomarkers
R Pasquali (Italy)
16:00 17:30  Symposium 19: Recent advances in the molecular study of endocrine tumours: microRNAs and more
Auditorium 10/11
Chairs: M Theodoropoulou (Germany) & MC Zatelli (Italy)
16:00S19.1TGF-β signaling and the microRNA machinery
A Patocs (Hungary)
16:30S19.2MicroRNAs in pituitary tumours
M Fedele (Italy)
17:00S19.3MicroRNAs and gene expression patterns in adrenal tumours
P Igaz (Hungary)
16:00 17:30  Symposium 20: New mechanisms of energy balance
Auditorium 12
Chairs: A Lewinski (Poland) & J Rungby (Denmark)
16:00S20.1Central control of lipid metabolism
R Nogueiras (Spain)
16:30S20.2Programming of host metabolism by the gut microbiota
F Bäckhed (Sweden)
17:00S20.3Cross talk between gut and brain
J J Holst (Denmark)
17:35 18:20  Plenary Lecture 4
Main Hall
Chair: P Bouchard (France)
17:35PL4Nuclear receptor 'master' coactivators of physiology and pathology
Fondation IPSEN 2013 Endocrine Regulations Prize
B O'Malley (USA)
18:30 20:00  Pfizer Satellite Symposium - Lessons learned in the last decade of managing acromegaly – a ‘live’ debate
Auditorium 10/11
Chairs: F Casanueva (Spain) & J Bollerslev (Norway)
18:35Gigantism – a look through the years
W de Herder (Netherlands)
18:50Advancement of treatment strategies for acromegaly during the last decade - targeting an individualized approach
J Bollerslev (Norway)
19:10Expert debate
AJ van der Lely (Netherlands) & J Otto Lunde Jørgensen (Denmark)
19:45Question and answer session
Moderated by F Casanueva (Spain) & J Bollerslev (Norway)
18:30 20:00  HRA Pharma Satellite Symposium - Management of adrenocortical carcinoma and Cushing’s syndrome: a clinical update
Auditorium 12
18:30Advanced adrenocortical carcinoma: prognostic factors and therapeutic strategy
M Fassnacht (Germany)
19:00Surgery outcome including morbidity and mortality risk in non cured Cushing’s syndrome
L Nieman (USA)
19:30Use of steroidogenesis inhibitors for Cushing’s syndrome management
J Newell-Price (UK)
18:30 20:00  Ipsen Satellite Symposium - Long-term Medical Treatment Challenges in Acromegaly : have all the concerns been addressed?
Auditorium 15
Chairs: A Giustina (Italy) & C Strasburger (Germany)
18:35GH and IGF-I: predictors of outcome in acromegaly?
C Strasburger (Germany)
18:55Multiple aetiologies for hyperglycaemia in acromegaly: can it be avoided?
M Bronstein (Brazil)
19:20A disease staging tool for personalised acromegaly management
S Petersenn (Germany)
19:45Long-term medical treatment of acromegaly: an evolving and still challenging story
A Giustina (Italy)
20:30 00:00  ECE 2013 Informal Networking Evening
Ticket holders only
Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen
30 April 2013
07:00 20:00  Registration
08:30 09:15  Plenary Lecture 5
Main Hall
Chair: J Christiansen (Denmark)
08:30PL5Preventing vascular complications of diabetes
HH Parving (Denmark)
09:15 09:25  JOE/JME Prize Presentation
Awarded by Journal of Molecular Endocrinology
Chair: A. Clark (London)
Enhancing radioiodine uptake in thyroid cancer
V. Smith (UK)
09:30 11:00  Oral Communications 4: Adrenal
Auditorium 10/11
Chairs: G Assie (France) & A Giustina (Italy)
09:30OC4.1Pre-clinical model detects castrate-resistant cancer repopulating cells in localised prostate tumours
Presenter: G. Risbridger (Australia)
09:45OC4.2Single nucleotide polymorphism array profiling of adrenocortical tumors – evidence for an adenoma carcinoma sequence?
Presenter: C. Ronchi (Germany)
10:00OC4.3Prognostic factors of synchronous advanced unresectable by stage III and IV ENS@T adrenocortical carcinomas (ACC)
Presenter: R. Libe (Italy)
10:15OC4.4Neuronal dysfunction in the hippocampi of cured Cushing’s syndrome patients, detected by 1H-MR-spectroscopy
Presenter: E. Resmini (Spain)
10:30OC4.5Influence of somatic mutations on the lateralization index of adrenal vein sampling in aldosterone producing adenomas
A Osswald (Germany)
10:45OC4.69-cis retinoic acid, a novel treatment option for adrenocortical cancer? - in vitro and in vivo studies
P. Igaz (Hungary)
09:30 11:00  Oral Communications 5: Reproduction
Auditorium 12
Chairs: E Diamanti-Kandarakis (Greece) & R Pasquali (Italy)
09:30OC5.1BMP15-dependent gene-expression profiling in human granulosa cells.
Presenter: R. Rossetti (Italy)
09:45OC5.2The (TAAAA)n polymorphism in the SHBG gene is related to prenatal androgenization of female fetus: possible implications of the developmental origin of metabolic disorders
Presenter: C. Pamporaki (Greece)
10:00OC5.3Age-related hormonal and metabolic alterations in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
Presenter: P. Pinola (Finland)
10:15OC5.4Influence of variants in the FSHB and FSHR gene on reproductive parameters in males and females
Presenter: J. Gromoll (Germany)
10:30OC5.5FSHB -211 and FSHR 2039 polymorphisms are associated with serum levels of FSH, AMH and age of pubertal onset in 78 healthy girls: a longitudinal cohort study
Presenter: C. P. Hagen (Denmark)
10:45OC5.6INSL3 in 268 male patients with congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (CHH): effects of different modalities of hormonal treatment.
S. Trabado (France)
09:30 11:00  Oral Communications 6: Diabetes & Obesity
Auditorium 15
Chairs: S Nielsen (Denmark) & D Hesse (Denmark)
09:30OC6.1Type 2 Diabetes Risk Alleles Frequencies in the Portuguese Population
Presenter: D. Pignatelli (Portugal)
09:45OC6.2Dissociation between high fat diet-induced obesity (DIO) and insulin resistance: lessons from AHNAK knockout mice
Presenter: M Ramdas (Israel)
10:00OC6.3Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP-1): Effect on Kidney Hemodynamics and Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System in Healthy Men
Presenter: J. Skov (Denmark)
10:15OC6.4Reduction of fat mass with the mTOR inhibitor, sirolimus, in humans: From transplantation to lipodystrophies
E. Parent (France)
10:30OC6.5The role of costimulatory molecules B7.1 and B7.2 in obesity-related adipose tissue inflammation and liver steatosis
Presenter: A. Chatzigeorgiou (Germany)
10:45OC6.6Serum- and glucocorticoid-regulated kinase 1 in obesity-related adipose tissue and peripheral inflammation
Presenter: H. Reiter (Austria)
11:00 11:25  Coffee, Posters & Exhibition
11:35 12:10  Meet the Expert 9 - Viral vector-mediated gene transfer: A powerful tool for in vivo endocrine research
Meeting Room 18
11:35MTE9Viral vector-mediated gene transfer:  A powerful tool for in vivo endocrine research
F Bosch (Spain)
11:35 12:10  Meet the Expert 10 - Bone Quiz
Auditorium 12
11:35MTE10Bone Quiz
N Hamdy (Netherlands)
11:35 12:10  Meet the Expert 11 - Subclinical and Occult Cushing’s syndrome
Auditorium 15
11:35MTE11Subclinical and Occult  Cushing’s syndrome
A Tabarin (France)
11:35 12:10  Meet the Expert 12 - Optogenetics
Auditorium 10/11
12:15 13:00  Lunch, Posters & Exhibition
12:15 13:00  European Society of Endocrinology AGM
Auditorium 12
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 13 - Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism
Meeting Room 18
12:15MTE13Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism
T Raivio (Finland)
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 14
Main Hall
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 15 - Molecular imaging in endocrinology
Auditorium 10/11
12:15MTE15Molecular imaging in endocrinology
A Kjaer (Denmark)
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 16 - Diabetic Foot Disease for Endocrinologists
Auditorium 15
12:15MTE16Diabetic Foot Disease for Endocrinologists
T Coll (UK)
13:00 14:00  Attended Poster Presentations
14:00 15:30  Symposium 21: Multi-centre pituitary studies
Main Hall
Chairs: M Klose (Denmark) & R Luque (Spain)
14:00S21.1New classification of pituitary tumours based on the hypopronos database
G Raverot (France)
14:30S21.2Lessons from the Liège Acromegaly Survey (LAS)
P Petrossians (Belgium)
15:00S21.3Lessons from the European Cushing's registry (Ercusyn)
S Webb (Spain)
14:00 15:30  Symposium 22: Improving diagnosis of primary aldosteronism
Auditorium 12
Chairs: U Feldt-Rasmussen (Denmark) & M Pfeifer (Slovenia)
14:00S22.1Genetics of primary aldosteronism
F Beuschlein (Germany)
14:30S22.2Steroid metabolomics for mineralocorticoid excess
W Arlt (UK)
15:00S22.3Adrenal vein sampling
P Mulatero (Italy)
14:00 15:30  Symposium 23: Endocrine disruptors
Generously supported by Endocrine Connections
Auditorium 10/11
Chairs: M Boas (Denmark) & M Tena-Sempere (Spain)
14:00S23.1Endocrine disruptors, body weight and carcinogenesis
A Soto (Ulster, Ireland & Boston, USA)
14:30S23.2Male reproductive health and endocrine disrupters
N Skakkebaek (Denmark)
15:00S23.3Are structural analogues of bisphenol A a safe alternative?
AM Vinggaard (Demnark)
14:00 15:30  Symposium 24: Redefining our understanding of the causes of obesity
Auditorium 15
Chairs: H Cardoso (Portugal) & J Tomlinson (UK)
14:00S24.1FTO and reward mechanisms
J Bruning (Germany)
14:30S24.2Social stress and obesity related complications
A Bartolomucci (USA)
15:00S24.3Ambient temperature and other environmental factors in obesity
F Johnson (UK)
14:00 15:30  Endocrine Nurse Symposium: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH)
Meeting Room 18
Chairs: P Burman (Sweden) & J Gintberg (Denmark)
14:00EN2.1The role of the Endocrine Nurse in the care and treatment of children with CAH and in their transition to the adult service
M Keil (USA)
14:30EN2.2Management of CAH in adults
R Ross (UK)
15:00EN2.3A Patient’s perspective on CAH – the importance of care
R James (UK)
15:30 15:50  Coffee, Posters & Exhibition
15:50 17:20  Symposium 25: Rare metabolic bone disease
Auditorium 12
Chairs: Ö Ljunggren (Sweden) & B Langdahl (Denmark)
15:50S25.1Pagets disease, how to treat and monitor the patients?
W Fraser (UK)
16:20S25.2Treatment of osteogenesis Imperfecta in the adults
A Kindmark (Sweden)
16:50S25.3New therapeutic options in the treatment of hypophosphatasia
M Sääf (Sweden)
15:50 17:20  Symposium 26: Novel technologies and inspiring ideas: From basic endocrine research to clinical practice (European Young Endocrine Scientists (EYES) Symposium)
Main Hall
Chairs: G Mintziori (Greece) & F Gabalec (Czech Republic)
15:50S26.1Making a functional thyroid in a dish
F Antonica (Belgium)
16:15S26.2Dissecting Androgen Action: New Clues from Conditional Knockout Mice
L Smith (UK)
16:40S26.3A new role for an old hormone; Adrenocorticotrophin hormone (ACTH) rapidly stimulates brown adipose tissue activity and browning of white adipose tissue in mice
A. van den Beukel (The Netherlands)
16:55S26.4Bone loss in inflammation-mediated osteoporosis - A role for the P2X7 receptor?
T. Kvist (Denmark)
17:10S26.5EYES and ESE: Your EYES on Endocrinology
15:50 17:20  Symposium 27: Steroids in obesity and metabolism
Auditorium 10/11
Chairs: G Johannsson (Sweden) & F Beuschlein (Germany)
15:50S27.111B-HSd activity and obesity
J Tomlinson (UK)
16:20S27.2Glucocorticoid metabolism and glucocorticoid receptor in metabolism
S Herzig (Germany)
16:50S27.3Glucocorticoid mediated fetal programming
M Finken (Netherlands)
15:50 17:20  Symposium 28: Autoimmune endocrine disease - Old and new players
Auditorium 15
Chairs: A K Rasmussen (Denmark) & M Marazuela (Spain)
15:50S28.1Autoimmune thyroid disease
W Wiersinga (Netherlands)
16:20S28.2Addison's disease
K Badenhoop (Germany)
F Kelestimur (Turkey)
17:25 17:35  ESE Young Investigators Awards & Poster Prizes
Generously supported by Novartis
17:35 18:20  Plenary Lecture 6
Main Hall
Chair: P Bouchard (France)
17:35PL6The Ubiquitin System
A Ciechanover (Israel)
18:00 20:00  Endocrine Nurses' Network Meeting
Meeting Room 18
Chairs: S Llahana (UK) & C Follin (Sweden)
18:00EN3.1Endocrine Nursing in Denmark
H Høi (Denmark)
18:10EN3.2Incorporating research into the role of the Endocrine Nurse: an example from my practice
C Follin (Sweden)
18:30EN3.3Competence Framework for the Endocrine Clinical Nurse Specialist – feedback from the UK Society for Endocrinology
N Kieffer & P Yeoh (UK)
18:50EN3.4Presenting at a conference – not as difficult as it sounds!
S Llahana (UK)
19:00EN3.5Group discussion: Establishing an international communication platform for Endocrine Nurses
S Llahana (UK) & C Follin (Sweden)
19:20Poster presentations and awards followed by buffet meal and networking
1 May 2013
07:00 20:00  Registration
08:00 08:45  Plenary Lecture 7
Main Hall
Chair: M Reincke (Germany)
08:00PL7Aldosterone, Mineralocorticoid Receptors and Cardiovascular Risk: What's New?
J Funder (Australia)
08:45 10:15  Symposium 29: Management of thyroid nodules
Main Hall
Chairs: J Faber (Denmark) & L Hegedüs (Denmark)
08:45S29.1Molecular analysis of FNAB material
L Fugazzola (Italy)
09:15S29.2Diagnostic pitfalls
S Tseleni-Balafouta (Greece)
09:45S29.3Follow up of benign nodules
E Papini (Italy)
08:45 10:15  Symposium 30: Energy Status and pituitary function
Auditorium 10/11
Chairs: S Tsagarakis (Greece) & L Zabuliene (Lithuania)
08:45S30.1Energy status and puberty
M Tena-Sempere (Spain)
09:15S30.2Energy status and glucocorticoid excess
E Arvat (Italy)
09:45S30.3Energy status and GH/IGH-1 axis
R Kineman (USA)
08:45 10:15  Symposium 31: Clinical impact of rare mutations in endocrinology
Auditorium 12
Chairs: C Gravholt (Denmark) & W Arlt (UK)
08:45S31.1Does a new mutation always predict a new disease? Lessons from p27 mutations
N Pellegata (Italy)
09:15S31.2Old and new MEN1 mutations
A Calendar (France)
09:45S31.3Genetic diagnosis of hereditary neuroendocrine syndrome in asyntomatic patients: clinical prognostic implications
A Faggiano (Italy)
08:45 10:15  Symposium 32: Is diabetes a lipid disease?
Auditorium 15
Chairs: B Thorsteinsson (Denmark) & A Vidal-Puig (UK)
R Zechner (Austria)
09:15S32.2Fatty liver and insulin resistance
A Moschetta (Italy)
09:45S32.3Adipose Tissue Lipolysis and Insulin Sensitivity.
D Langin (France)
10:15 10:45  Coffee & Posters
10:45 11:30  Plenary Lecture 8
Main Hall
Chairs: J Castaño (Spain) & J Hall (USA)
10:45PL8New genes and functions in reproduction
M Matzuk (USA)
11:30 12:15  Debate 2: To treat or not to treat; that is the question! Late onset hypogonadism
FOR: H Jones (UK) AGAINST: JM Kaufman (Belgium)
Main Hall
Chair: M Puig Domingo (Spain)
11:30 12:15  Meet the Expert 9 - Repeated
Meeting Room 18
11:30MTE9Viral vector-mediated gene transfer:  A powerful tool for in vivo endocrine research
F Bosch (Spain)
11:30 12:15  Meet the Expert 10 - Repeated
Auditorium 12
11:30MTE10Bone Quiz
N Hamdy (Netherlands)
11:30 12:15  Meet the Expert 11 - Repeated
Auditorium 15
11:30MTE11Subclinical and Occult  Cushing’s syndrome
A Tabarin (France)
11:30 12:15  Meet the Expert 12 - Repeated
Auditorium 10/11
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 13 - Repeated
Meeting Room 18
12:15MTE13Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism
T Raivio (Finland)
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 14 - Repeated
Auditorium 12
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 15 - Repeated
Auditorium 10/11
12:15MTE15Molecular imaging in endocrinology
A Kjaer (Denmark)
12:15 13:00  Meet the Expert 16 - Repeated
Auditorium 15
12:15MTE16Diabetic Foot Disease for Endocrinologists
T Coll (UK)
13:00 13:45  Plenary Lecture 9
Main Hall
Chair: A Vidal-Puig (UK)
13:00PL9Human Brown Fat is on Fire
B Cannon (Sweden)
13:45 13:50  Farewell & Invitation to Wroclaw